Thursday, February 23, 2012

Help Desk.(NetWare tips)

     I have a NetWare 4.11 server at my office that I have been trying to access remotely without success. It has temporarily been placed outside the firewall to eliminate that as being a problem. I have verified that I have correctly installed and configured TCP/IP on the server, but I can't login to it from my home Internet connection. Is there a way to do this ? Please don't tell me I have to upgrade to NetWare 5 or 6.
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     Upgrading to NetWare 5 or 6 would make it easier, but it is doable with NetWare 4. The main problem you are having is that NetWare 4 didn't do Netware Core Protocol (NCP) over IP, only IPX. While NetWare 5/6 can do this natively, NetWare 4 can get there via a slightly different route. What you will need to do is install NetWare/IP (NWIP). This is a no-cost add-on that comes in the box with NetWare 4. I would strongly recommend applying the latest available to NetWare before installing NWIP.
     You won't have NCP over IP after installing NWIP, but you will be close. NWIP encapsulates IPX packets in an IP wrapper and sends them to the final destination. This was a big advantage to shops that had multiple sites but didn't or couldn't spend the money on routers to handle IPX and IP. There are several good TID's on Novell's support Web site,, that will steer you in the right direction on getting this installed.
     Although you will still have the Novell client installed on the workstations, you will add the NWIP service so they can talk to the NetWare server over IP. NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 will be able to handle this setup a little easier; Windows 95/98 can be configured for this as well. Although it's a little more involved than using a NetWare 5/6 server, it at least gives you an option for connecting via IP without having to upgrade the server.

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