Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wireless Informatics

     INFORMATICS Ipoh has become the first private educational institution in Perak and the pioneer among the 20 Informatics CitiCampuses in the country to adopt wireless technology.

      Through the wireless local area network (LAN) technology, staff and students of Informatics Ipoh are now able to use their notebooks from anywhere in the campus, anytime, to access the Internet, according to a statement.
Informatics Ipoh says that it has spent about RM600,000 to set up the wireless LAN system.

      The move to adopt wireless technology by Informatics Ipoh will soon be followed by Informatics Taiping and later by all of the other Informatics CitiCampuses nationwide.

      In a related development, Informatics is currently working towards upgrading the speed of leased line from 64 kilobytes to two megabytes, which is 36 times the speed available to an average home Internet user. With the new advanced facility, the college hopes to effectively and efficiently reduce the surfing time of its staff and students.

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